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Festival Stage Hire and Festival Staging

Wango's purple Festival Stage is available for hire and is ideal as a main or second stage for festivals. Its purple cover and proscenium arch creates a unique and attractive stage for any event.

The Festival Stage has a high point of 13.5m (44ft), and covers an area 25m x 25m (82ft x 82ft).

The proscenium arch spans 25m (82ft)

The stage inside starts at 56' x 28' with handrails, loading ramp and steps. This can be customised to suit your event.

The 82 x 1.1m long steel stakes and anchor points establish 25.5 tonnes of anchorage in each corner, giving a 1.408 safety factor over the 18.01 tonnes required in the wind loading / anchorage analysis.


Festival Stage Hire

On booking we can supply a full structural report, insurance documents, health and safety policy with method statments, fire certificates, stage plans, schedules and anything else you need. For smaller stages we can also supply full documentation.


To book we require a 50% deposit, with a 25% payment due at least 30 days before the event. The final 25% is due on build-up.


Wango's festival stage hire will provide a stunning focal point for your event.

Wangos provide Festival Staging and Festival Stage Hire UK wide